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Efficient Investments

​Thanks to unique and innovative mathematical models, we calculate the exact resources needed for your network to maintain the same speed for each subscriber at peak times, high traffic hours and off-peak times. For subscribers with good RF received signal and subscribers at cell edge with low signal. 
The process is simple to deploy, we collect your OSS data (Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, ZTE and NSN), we measure the traffic and the number of active subscribers, we analyze the configuration of each site and its traffic.

We calculate the exact investments to be made, site by site, to maintain the connection speed you desire. We detect saturations and their intensities. We audit your budgets so that each € or $ invested generates income.

Investments are only made on sites in saturation and which reject connections, or on sites which do not offer sufficient speeds and which generate dissatisfaction. You reduce the number of complaints, you reduce your investments and you increase the quality offered to your subscribers.

Our Products


No probes, no hardware, no drive tests, no software needed, ... only existing OSS counters, a web browser and you're ready to go

Quality of Service QoS

Icix breakthrough solution accurately reports overall 3G, 4G and 5G real deployed and available capacity, it also computes remaining capacity per sector and congestion levels. The solution simulates the impact of marketing promotions and traffic growth on the network's quality of service. Icix automates and streamlines rationalized investment and operating reports.

Do you need too push your assets utilization with no impact on your subscribers to generate more revnues? 

Quality of Experience QoE

 Icix innovative solution computes in an unequalled manner subscribers experience per sector, for different traffic model (peak hour, high traffic hours, low traffic hours) and for different subscribers location (near, at cell center and at cell edge).

Do you want to cut your spending on driving tests to discover the quality of your network? Our solution is less expensive, unlimited in space and time. 


Data Forecast & Upgrades

For the first time, the Icix solution forecasts data traffic growth and scales assets based on expected growth to maintain quality of experience.

Do you want to find out how your traffic is growing down to the sector level? Do you want to find out what your investments will be in 6 months, 12 months, 24 months to maintain the subscriber experience?

Manage MBB/FWA Lines

Icix's unique solution calculates the exact number of available and saleable Fixed Wireless Access, Mobile Broad Band lines per sector and per postal code, for any type of commercial offer (5Mbps, 10Mbps, ...) and mix of offers.

Would you like to discover all the available MBB and FWA lines that you can sell with the current deployed capacity?


Offer a first class upgrade to your subscribers, QoE you can trust, anywhere, anytime

27% Capex / Opex reduction

14% Churn reduction

38% More FWA revenue